Charingworth Court Sculpture 2019

19 02 2019

The garden will be open once again for the NGS and then as part of the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts.

NGS Openings:

Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May from 12 to 6pm (£5)

Wednesday 22nd May from 6 to 9pm (£7 to include a glass of wine)


Arts Festival Openings:

Tuesday 21st May to Sunday 26th May inclusive from 11am to 5pm

There will be a sculpture exhibition with most exhibits for sale. We are welcoming back Jitka Palmer, Martin Duffy, Richard Cresswell, Barney Yendall, Willa Ashworth and hopefully Chris Townsend.  Victoria Westaway will be exhibiting her work with us for the first time.  She works in willow and wire and should complement the other artists.


Victoria is running a workshop on Monday 20th May making a willow goose.  Full details and how to book are here:

Victoria Westaway Willow Woven Goose workshop Monday 20th May at Charingworth Court, Winchcombe



The excitement builds….

14 04 2019

So here we are in April with the garden openings for the NGS and the Winchcombe Festival a short 5/6 weeks away.  There is always plenty of gardening to do however much we feel we have done but now we have the excitement of the sculptors starting to send photos of the pieces they plan to exhibit.

The piece below is by Jitka Palmer, whose work is always admired  as every piece is so individual with a story behind it.  I often wonder how she can bear to part with some of them but am grateful she can!

Apple Tree 2

We will also have work by Willa Ashworth, Martin Duffy, Richard Cresswell, Chris Townsend, Barney Yendall and new to us this year Vik Westaway and Mike Bigland.

It should be a good show!


Aerial View of the lawn and flower beds

4 04 2019

Aerial viewAs the house is three storeys, it is easy to get good views of the garden.  The roof gives an even better view but is much more risky! Yesterday it rained and hailed and snowed so no sun but you can see the Mount Fuji cherry in flower and the pink cherry about to flower. There are thalia narcissi all around the left hand side and our new mini deck is just waiting for us to have time to sit down!

April opens with sun, showers, frost and hail!

3 04 2019

As seems to be the new normal, some of the garden is well ahead of where we would expect it to be at this time of the year.  So we have tulips out (when the deer haven’t eaten them!) but we are still waiting for some of the trees to burst into bud.  It is always exciting to look out of the window and to walk round the garden as there is something new to see every day. We now have to work hard to get our vegetables going, keep the weeds under control and to try hard to remember to enjoy what we are doing!

We are hoping for record numbers for the NGS as we have an extra evening opening this year and  we are again on the Winchcombe Art Trail.

Above are dicentra, woodland anenomes, tete a tete daffodils, primroses and exchorda ‘The Bride’


Sun certainly encourages gardening!

25 03 2019

We have had  quite a few very sunny days in both February and March and this has enabled us to get well ahead with our routine weeding, pruning and tidying.  Consequently the garden looks lovely at the moment.  The blossom is coming out, the daffodils have been flowering for weeks and some of the tulips are already out. The magnolia stellata looks particularly lovely at the moment. This early season leaves me wondering what it will look like in May for the opening but the sculpture really helps to provide a lot of interest!

Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 – Joanne Risley

12 09 2018

Joanne’s dragonflies were an eye catching exhibit above the pond


Charingworth Exhibition May 2018 – Martin Duffy

12 09 2018

Martin exhibited for the first time this year at Charingworth.  His spectacular boxing hares were one of the most memorable sights this year.