January 23rd 2013

23 01 2013

The gardener (that’s me!) just can’t get any work done today or indeed the whole of the week.

IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3110


January 22nd 2013 Still snowy!

22 01 2013



Snow everywhere still and the pond is frozen over but the sun came out for a while this morning and it looks very pretty as long as you don’t want to do any gardening!IMG_3092

January 19th 2013 Too cold to go outside but the witch hazel looks good from upstairs!

19 01 2013


January 14th 2013 – the first snow of the year!

14 01 2013

A little snow this morning but it’s raining and the ice on the pond has melted.January 14th 2013 - the first snow of the year!

January 13th 2013 Self seeded green glory!

13 01 2013

A sunny but cold Sunday with the pond frozen over all day. The  hellebore and euphorbia are both self seeded but fortunately they are in reasonable positions so they can stay and be enjoyed for a few weeks!

IMG_3010 IMG_3008

Planting cornus westonbirt in the sun – January 11th 2013

11 01 2013

A great day for planting cornus in the sun!  We’ve got 20 bare rooted westonbirt and 10 midwinter fire to find a home for and we’re mulching at the same time.


An unusual visitor – January 8th 2013

8 01 2013

An unusual visitor!

An unusual visitor to the garden. We’ve spotted him/her many times over the last couple of years. He’s very aggressive, attacking ordinary squirrels.

Signs of Spring – January 6th 2013

6 01 2013

Today the witch hazel is in full bloom and the hazel catkins are glowing.  I even found a tiny, exquisite violet flowing in the gravel.  I love how the garden changes every day.  Today, I’ve spent a few hours pottering around, raking leaves off the gravel and cutting back dead foliage so that the bulbs and the hellebores can be seen.


January 2nd 2013 – Yellow Book Year!

2 01 2013

I love this bird in every season and today, the first day of 2013, the sun shone on him!