Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 – Joanne Risley

12 09 2018

Joanne’s dragonflies were an eye catching exhibit above the pond


Charingworth Exhibition May 2018 – Martin Duffy

12 09 2018

Martin exhibited for the first time this year at Charingworth.  His spectacular boxing hares were one of the most memorable sights this year.



Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 -Christopher Townsend

12 09 2018

Christopher has exhibited at Charingworth every year since we started and his work is seen in gardens large and small around the country.


Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 – Willa Ashworth

12 09 2018

Willa exhibited for the second time this year. Her work is always very popular with all our visitors. Her work fits well in all types of garden.

Charingworth Sculpture 2018 May 2018 – Richard Cresswell

12 09 2018

Some of our larger more modern pieces were exhibited by Richard Cresswell. I was really sorry to see both ribbon and the square pear going off to their new homes!



Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 – new artist Angela Farquharson

12 09 2018

“018 was the first year that Angela exhibited at Charingworth.  Her work was much admired and sold well.

IMG_9180 IMG_9181IMG_9185IMG_9186IMG_9192IMG_9196

Charingworth Sculpture Exhibition May 2018 – Katie Green

12 09 2018

Katie has exhibited her glass at Charingworth since we started.  Over the years, we have sold many of her pieces and we have several ourselves!