The garden opening features in the telegraph gardening section May 2nd – 2 weeks to go!

3 05 2015

The garden featured in an article about sculpture in the garden on Saturday. It was great to see my photo of Christopher Townsend’s giant seedheads in the national press. The website has received more views and seeing the publicity has sent us out into the garden to work harder on those weeds! The welcome rain last night and early this morning has made a real difference to the ease with which I have weeded today and the rapid rise in temperature means we feel confident to start moving more tender flowers and vegetables outside.IMG_2649





The carpet of petals under the cherry tree tells us that the beauty will be over soon but the candelabra primulas are just bursting into flower and the viburnum mariesii are almost out. The aquilegia which have self seeded all over the garden are just starting to open and the scent from the clematis and the viburnum drifts across the garden. Now we just need to add the sculpture!




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