Spring 2017

27 03 2017

Spring seems early this year in terms of the bulbs flowering.  Many of the flowering shrubs are coming out, the quince is in leaf and the Mount Fuji cherry is flowering.  It follows the autumnalis, the bell cherry and the pissardi.

The daffodils are Jetfire, bought in bulk but planted in flower, exactly where we need them!



NGS Openings 21st and 22nd May

20 05 2016

The forecast isn’t good but the garden always feels especially peaceful in the rain.  The sculpture looks good whatever the weather, so don your raincoat, grab an umbrella and help us raise money!  You can see a few sunny images from today.

We are open 11 to 5.30 Sat 21st and Sun 22nd May.  Details here:  http://www.ngs.org.uk/gardens/find-a-garden/garden.aspx?id=29934


Charingworth Court Sculpture Exhibition

4 05 2016

We are excited about hosting the annual sculpture exhibition which starts on May 21st and May 22nd when the garden is open for the NGS and continues from Tuesday 24th May to Monday 30th May as part of the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts.

The selling exhibition is curated by Jane Smoczynski of Winds of Change Gallery and features work by carefully selected artists.

If you would like to know more do contact Jane on 07531844823 or 01242 603836 and check the website  windsofchangegallery.co.uk






NGS Opening May 21st and May 22nd 2016

3 04 2016



We are getting ready for our May opening this year.  Like all gardeners we have wondered what the strange weather over the last few months will mean for this season with some very early flowering.  So the witch hazel and the chaenomeles japonica have been in flower longer than usual. In the autumn we celebrated family birthdays with a weekend of bulb planting.  A few weeks earlier we had widened the borders around the lawn as over the years the plants have grown outwards.  Now we are reaping the benefits with hundreds of small daffodils in flower and hundreds more tulips getting ready to flower in a few weeks time.

The frogs and newts are busy in the pond, the birds are nesting and we even had a kingfisher visiting.  Last year one of our blackbirds learnt to catch newts and we watched him catch more than we could count.  I was amazed to look out of my bedroom window one morning to see a kingfisher dive in, catch a newt and then sit on the deck and eat it.  They look a lot tougher than fish to get down!

In the vegetable garden the broad beans look good, the potatoes are going in and the sweetcorn seeds are ready to sow in root trainers.  Soon the courgette, squash and runner bean seeds will be started and the whole cycle will start again.  That is what I love about gardening – you never know what will do well and what will disappoint in any year but you remain optimistic and know that the highs will be better than the lows!

So come and visit us and help raise lots of money for the NGS. We’ll be waiting to welcome you and the Children’s Society will be serving tea, and cake each afternoon.



A Successful NGS opening May 2015

6 10 2015

We raised £2500 for charity (NGS and the Children’s Society) during our opening. Lots of people enjoyed the sculpture as well as the garden! Some photos below:

IMG_2701 IMG_2738 IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2750 IMG_2768 IMG_2802 IMG_2809 IMG_2816 IMG_2853 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2890 IMG_2895 IMG_2939

Garden opening Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 11am to 6pm

14 05 2015

We’re almost ready!





Lots of lovely shades of green, a wonderful pond teeming with life, splashes of colour and more than 50 pieces of sculpture.

The garden opening features in the telegraph gardening section May 2nd – 2 weeks to go!

3 05 2015

The garden featured in an article about sculpture in the garden on Saturday. It was great to see my photo of Christopher Townsend’s giant seedheads in the national press. The website has received more views and seeing the publicity has sent us out into the garden to work harder on those weeds! The welcome rain last night and early this morning has made a real difference to the ease with which I have weeded today and the rapid rise in temperature means we feel confident to start moving more tender flowers and vegetables outside.IMG_2649





The carpet of petals under the cherry tree tells us that the beauty will be over soon but the candelabra primulas are just bursting into flower and the viburnum mariesii are almost out. The aquilegia which have self seeded all over the garden are just starting to open and the scent from the clematis and the viburnum drifts across the garden. Now we just need to add the sculpture!